Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Kindergarten. Already. I am old.

I really can't believe that Sailor had her preschool graduation. She seems old enough, but in my head, she is still my baby. Her program was way too cute! Her teacher, amazingly, gets all of the kids to sing a few solos, as well as a bunch of other songs. Sailor was Sleeping Beauty and she beautifully belted out the song that starts like "I know you. I walked with you once upon a time." She also had a solo in Winnie the Pooh, and some song that was about Lady Liberty. She also slow danced with a boy named Ben. It was fun.

The girls and "Teacher"

Sailor and her cousin Lucy.

Ben, her dance partner


  1. Hurray Sailor! What a beautiful Sleeping Beauty you are. I think that Ben was lucky to dance with you... did you bust out the hip hop moves? I love you.

  2. What a sweetheart!! Great job on that hair too. Too cute!