Wednesday, November 2, 2011

August/September 2011

School started with a bang! Bailee started 8th grade, Preslee 6th, Sailor is in 2nd, and Guy started preschool this year. I really can't believe that I am old enough to have an 8th grader. I met Josh when I was her age! Crazy!

The 3 amigos after school

My friend Hannah and I took the kids to $2 day at the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. The cost is usually $10 per person, so needless to say, it was a MAD HOUSE! But the kids had fun.

We went to Grandpa's lake for Labor Day weekend and played HARD on the lake.

Lots of turns riding the 4 wheeler.

Bailee brought her friend Bailey (what an unique name) and they made yummy cake ball ice cream cones for everyone.

Eating the cake balls

It was fun had by all (except Preslee. She went to Yellowstone with her friend Gabby).

We also rode bikes A LOT! Almost every night. The weather was beautiful and we played as a family as much as we could.

Bailee and Preslee started volleyball. Bailee asked if I would coach her team, and I said yes, but I couldn't just coach her team...Preslee wanted me to coach her team as well. I roped my friend Megan into helping me and we have had a good time.
But I didn't take any photos :(

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sledding with Grandma

Deb and Guy spent the morning out shoveling the walks. After they were done working, Deb pulled Guy around on a big scoop shovel, just like her dad use to do to her. Guy really loves his "BamMa" or "Bam" for short.

Happy birthday

Guy is obsessed with birthdays and the birthday song. Today he made his sandwich into a birthday cake and sang to me.

Too cute!

Christmas Morn

Christmas came VERY early in our house. The girls got up at 5:20, but we held them off until 6.

The kids got a Wii as a joint gift form Santa.

Bailee also got a fashion design kit.

Preslee got a dog and carrier thing that she asked for.

Sailor got a Cabbage Patch.

And Guy got a tool bench.

We went to my mom's in early afternoon and visited with all of the cousins there.

Our yearly siblings photo, minus Jessie :(

Christmas Eve

As per Christmas Eve tradition, we got the kids jammies (so they look cute for Christmas morning photos) and a book (in case they wake up too early).

Bailee got cute kitty jammies and the book "If I Tell You I Love You, I'd Have To Kill You"

Preslee in skull jams, and she got the book "The Sea Of Monsters"

Sailor in Owl Jammies and the book "The Princess and The Frog"

Guy's have a truck on them and he got an Elmo book

Davis Christmas party

I love Christmas because we get to see so much of family. We had the party at Grandma Davis' and it was a good time. Josh was still in Colorado (notice the timing of his trip? Missing all of my families Christmas parties).
Santa came. We had KFC for dinner, and we opened gifts from my dad.

The kids and Great Grandma Davis

Dad, Cathy, and Grandma

Grandma and her grand kids (that were there)

Kenny and Cathy

Grandpa and Sasha

Aunt Dez squeezing on Guy

Guy and Rooster

Sasha loving on Sailor

Dallas wonders where Dalton gets his red hair. Look at the color of his goatee

Uncle Drew with Sailor

A new addition

On December 17th, my brother Eric, and his wife Nikki delivered a cute little boy.

Dominic was 20.5 inches 7.7 lbs.