Tuesday, May 26, 2009


For Bailee's birthday, we got her tickets to see her favorite person, Gwen Steffani!!!

This is her with her "Gwen Steffani" hair before the concert.

We took her to dinner, her choice, at the Red Iguana.

Then to the show. The line up was, The Sounds, Paramore, and No Doubt. Bailee sang all of the Paramore and No Doubt songs. I really didn't think that she knew them all, it surprised me! I guess that I am okay with the kids getting a little bit older. Concerts are more fun than Elmo.

I do have to remember that she will only want us there with her for a few more years...then we will be embarrassing :)

Her after the show. She had a blast!!!


  1. So were you and Josh like the oldest ones at the concert? Old enough to have a daughter to take... betcha looked pretty cool (for old guys trying hard :0)

  2. Mitch is lucky he has brothers and a brother-in-law to take him to concerts now that I'm an embarrasment. Who's going to take Bailee? She's too darn cute to let out of your sight and she looks like a teenager already. She'll just have to watch concerts on T.V.!

  3. that sounds like so much fun, what hip parents you are!