Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st Day Of School

I can't believe that all my girls are in school now. They all got the teacher that they didn't want, but they really like them now.

I have a sixth grader...that makes me OLD!!!

I had to document how tiny Bailee is compared to her friends :)

They are SO cute!

4th Grade!

(Don't ask me why she is throwing gang signs, she just kept doing it)

I thought I'd throw in a few Guy photos. He isn't in school, but he is SO cute!!!

Back to school "spa day"

We have a tradition of pampering our girls and our nieces the weekend before school starts. I LOVE IT (and I think that the girls like it too)! We did a avocado facial with cucumbers to soothe their tired eyes. Mint foot soak followed with a mani/pedi. Sparkling pink girly drinks, and finger foods too. We watched chick flicks and had a wonderful sleepover!