Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bailee is 11 shout hurray!

I can not believe that my baby is 11.

How old does that make me!? She is getting to the age that she didn't want any toys. All she asked for was a Twilight bracelet, shoes, cute hats, and No Doubt concert tickets. She got all she asked for...spoiled brat :)

On her birthday we had her cousins over for her favorite dinner (enchalatas), her favorite cake (white cake with chocolate/cream cheese frosting), and her favorite icecream (birthday cake). She wants to have a sleepover with some friends for her party, but, we do not have a weekend that is open...as of yet.


  1. You are soooo old. Old enough to have an 11 year old. My "baby" is only 9. Glad that you are older than me.

  2. Happy Birthday, Bailee! I'm so sorry I forgot because she shares a birthday with Hubert and I should have remembered.

  3. Look at all that cute wrapping! What a fun mom you are. Happy Birthday to Bailee!