Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just a kid

Guy had a week of head trauma.
He started out by falling off of our bed on onto his forehead. It was at 6:30 a.m. and I picked him up and he said, through screams, "hit my head" I said "I know honey, you hit your head, now go to back to sleep." He did and he woke again at around 8:00, his usual wake-up time. I brought him upstairs and when we got in the light, I felt like the worst mom!!! His forehead was a HUGE purple goose egg. I most definitely shouldn't have let him go back to sleep after the fall.

3 days later, all of the kids were playing outside when Libbie, my niece, comes running in and right out the front door. Bailee comes in next, and runs out the front door, then back in and screams, "Guy is bleeding!!!" Josh looks out the back door and then goes out the front door too (he doesn't do good with blood and he claims he was getting the salmon off of the BBQ because he thought we were heading to the ER and he didn't want it to burn). I run out to find Preslee carrying Guy, both covered in blood and both sobbing. Head wounds bleed. They really bleed!!! Preslee had jumped out of the swing and it went back and hit Guy on the other side of the forehead. There was an inch long gash. It was again, very swollen, and looked like it needed stitches. Luckily we had Josh's grandma in town and she said that if we just got the swelling down and butterfly bandaged it, it should close. We did as she said, and it worked. The next morning, it was closed and looked as if it was just a small scratch.

The final crash was, again, 3 days after the second. It was lunch time and I was letting Guy and Sailor have a picnic in the backyard. I spread the blanket and went in the house to grab their plates, when I heard a BIG crash and a scream from Guy. I guess that Guy decided to climb a ladder that was on the side of the house and it fell on him. His arm was really bruised, and his nose was bright red, but I thought that was it. Come the next morning, he had 2 black eyes.

Bruised and battered, I made a comment that he was "accident prone" Josh's grandma corrected me and said, "He is just a kid".


  1. I wish that we lived near eachother and could have their photos taken together...Noah looks great too.

  2. And he still can flash that flirty little smile even all battered and bruised.

  3. Wow, what a trooper! It is amazing how little kids just pick themselves up, isn't it?