Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kindergarten registration

Today I registered Sailor for kindergarten. She is so ready!!!

This was our conversation after leaving the school.

Sailor- "Mom, do I have school tomorrow?"
Me- "Yes, you have preschool"
Sailor- "I thought I was in Kindergarten now"
Me- "Kindergarten will start after the Summer is over"
Sailor- "Is it Summer?"
Me- "No, it is still Spring"
Sailor- "Is Summer next week?"
Me- "No, It is in a few months"
Sailor- "So, I start Kindergarten next week?"
Sad. She wants to be a big like her sisters so bad.
I am just savoring the days I still have with her.


  1. That is so cute! Ethan said something similar this morning when I told him he was going to preschool...he wanted to go to the BIG school!!

  2. We just caught up on several posts... it's such a great blog! What cute kids you have, Jay!

    Love K&N