Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Morn

Christmas came VERY early in our house. The girls got up at 5:20, but we held them off until 6.

The kids got a Wii as a joint gift form Santa.

Bailee also got a fashion design kit.

Preslee got a dog and carrier thing that she asked for.

Sailor got a Cabbage Patch.

And Guy got a tool bench.

We went to my mom's in early afternoon and visited with all of the cousins there.

Our yearly siblings photo, minus Jessie :(


  1. You have such a wonderful family Jaylynn!
    The Wii thing must be contagious, we got one too, my sister did too! (still figuring out how to use it though....we had to order a Wii for dummies book :))

  2. OH, you did the siblings photo without me! I miss you all.