Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sailor Sue turns 6!

We decided for Sailors birthday this year to make her a room. This may have been a bit selfish of us to do (Sailor and Preslee were like oil and water while sharing a room) but she had no idea and it was SO much fun to see the look on her face! We got her a new comforter for her bed. Brought in Preslee's old Barbie house. Josh got a little desk pin stripped with her name and a cool design (she LOVES to draw and is quite good at it!). She also got some Barbie's, a new outfit, and movies.

The desk was probably her favorite.

Then after school, it was time for a Birthday Costume Party!!!

Sailor invited 4 friends from school but with the cousins her age, their were 15 kids! It was a blast. Organized Chaos at best. But she loved it and the kids had fun.

We started with pizza. Then we decorated cookies.

Next came a mummy wrapping game.

We played Halloween charades (sorry no photo of this riveting game).

Opened gifts and ate cupcakes (Sailor's request).

Then they danced and danced.

We are lucky to have Sailor in our family.
Happy Birthday Bean Fart (her super hero nickname she made for herself)!


  1. You always seem to throw such great parties.

  2. Great Party. You have been so very busy in October, hurray for November.