Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Father's Day 09'

My kids have the BEST dad!

I let the kids each make something special for their dad.

Guy finger painted a beautiful picture.

(Yes those are tears in his eyes...Did I mention Josh is wonderfully sensitive?!)

Sailor made him a "You and Me" book.

This was very cute. She took a whole week drawing her dad's favorite this vs. her favorite thing. Like 'My favorite animal is a giraffe. Your favorite animal is a tiger.' Or my favorite, 'My favorite food is Mac and Cheese. Your favorite food is spinach dip and hot sauce.'

Preslee made a Duct tape stadium seat to use at all of her softball games.

Josh used it this weekend and said it was surprisingly comfortable!

Bailee made "The Jensen's Rock Family".

She had a lot of fun with this.

Josh is always willing to drop whatever he is doing and really play with the kids. He wrestles with them, dances with them, lets them do his hair, plays catch with them, draws with them, reads to them, sings to them, and teases them like crazy! I am lucky to be married to such a "big kid".

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  1. How awesome! Your kids a so cute and it looks like they all had such a fun time making all of the gifts!